Mini-Mist® HVLP Spray Tanning System T-6000 Gun

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About This Product

This machine is ideal for any entry-level technician, a small volume salon or mobile business. This machine is also highly recommended for those who plan to offer services strictly to friends and family. The turbine is lightweight and easy to carry to various locations with its easy to grip carrying handle. The Mini Mist turbine comes with a built-in docking station to keep your applicator safe and secure when not in use. This machine is powerful enough to perform a moderate amount of tans per day, yet quiet without producing excess noise so you can easily speak to your client without yelling. This machine operates at 79- decibels, which is quieter than a hairdryer (80 dba). The applicator docking station, quick connect technology, and ability to upgrade to the stainless-steel T5020 gun makes this machine user-friendly and highly versatile for starting out in the industry.

  • HVLP mobile turbine operating at 79 dba
  • Pre-Set motor speed for quick and easy use
  • Lightweight and compact with carry handle (10 lbs) to accommodate mobile spray sessions
  • Ability to upgrade to the T5020 applicator
  • Suggested performance of 20 tans per day