Sluff Wipes Prep Wipes 40 Count Refill Roll

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About This Product

SluffWIPES Professional Pre-Tan Wipes Wall Mounted System Introducing the new SluffWIPES professional wall mounted center-pull units. 99.99% Natural formula will not dry out the skin. Extra Large, hygienic moist wipes are easy to use and are ideal for use in all kinds of professional spa services including:
  • Before Spray Tanning 
  • Revive Pedicures / Manicures 
  • Pre/Post Body Wraps 
  • Pre/Post Mud Wraps 
  • Pre/Post Waxing 
  • Post Massage 
  • Post Salt Glows

With SluffWIPES' convenient 3-way prepping power, your clients can cleanse, exfoliate and pH balance their skin in seconds - no rinsing required - no residues are left behind. Using SluffWIPES before all tanning services can help eliminate streaks, patchiness and poor tanning results. 

Each wipe is 8.5" X 14" and each refill roll has 200 wipes.

Directions For Use

  • Just one Professional Size towel per client is all that is needed to prep the entire body before tanning (large clients or clients that are heavily coated with lotion may require two.

SluffWIPES can be used instead of messy salt or shell scrubs for fast, effective spa exfoliation with easier cleanup. SluffWIPES are your natural, hygienic and professional way to cleanse, balance and lift away dead skins cells from the skin!

Key Points to Remember

The attractive Center Pull Dispenser is tough but stylish. The unique textured cover was designed to hide fingerprints and smudges so the unit stays new and fresh looking. The SluffWIPES Wall Mounted Dispenser consistently feeds one SluffWIPE at a time in sanitary, hands-free operation. A unique mounting system with snap-out key simplifies installation and permits dispenser to be removed by unlocking from the top. The same key fits the durable double hinged door.