SprayGon Studio Pro Twin Extraction System

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*Contact us for additional colors or custom graphics. Use code “shipfree” For complimentary shipping!!

We now offer the most powerful spray tan fan in the world !

The unit is 72″ tall, 28″ wide when folded so it will fit through most doors. Unfolded it is 68″ wide – Weight is under 50lbs and it has wheels attached to the metal frame so you can fold it up, tilt it back like a dolly and roll it away. -The fan is rated at 6,100 cfpm so it will turn the air over in an 8×8 room several times per minute. That’s over 5x more air displacement than the Hurricane and 10x more than the popular brand "Arena", and is incredibly quiet -Standard 20×20 HVAC filters are used behind the washable blue filters. A third filter can be installed inside the fan housing if desired. All filters are readily available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. -The unit has a 110 volt duplex outlet installed on the back so you can plug in accessories such as lighting or even run your spray compressor on it. -The entire unit is turned on and off with a footswitch -The unit comes fully assembled and ready to use. Just roll it into place unfold it, plug it in and go to work.

  • Triple filtration system virtually eliminates overspray
  • PermaFlo filters are available on website
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use with an extra set of washable filters
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty on fan motor, 8 year wear warranty on finish films
  • *Customization with full color graphics for branding and logo is available!

Allow up to 2 weeks for your backdrop to be custom built to order, then shipped.

-Dimensions: Unfolded - 68"w 72"t 12"d Folded - 28"w 72"t 12"d  *ask about custom sizing
-Weight: Under 75lbs
-Decible Rating: 61dBA = casual conversation
-Colors: Choose from a variety of colors or add your own custom graphics
-Operation: Footswitch On/Off
-Fan Life: Tested 7+ years of typical daily in-spa use
-Air Displacement: 12,200 CFM *two fans - 6,100CFM @ 1450RPM (366,000CFH) (10,363m3/h)
-Electric requirement: 120v/50hz 1.35A/162W
-Filters: Washable Antimicrobial Fiber and disposable 20x20 standard HVAC filters

Additional Features:
-Sealed fan motor.
-Adjustable feet
-Electric cord wrap
-110v duplex outlet on back of machine to plug in accessories.
-Galvanized metal edging resists rust and corrosion.

*For $350, Add your company logos or any full color graphics to your system. Price includes one hour of graphic design setup time, printing and lamination. Additional design time will incur an extra fee. SprayGon will work with your graphic artist to create a truly one of a kind statement piece for your studio.