Why you need to clean your spray tan machine filters... now!

Your spray tan applicator is giving a speckled spray. You've deep cleaned your gun and adjusted your settings, you've checked your solutions, you've inspected your hose and couplers, and your at wits end. Have you checked your turbine filters? We cannot tell you how often we talk to customers who have never cleaned their machines filters, simply because they did not know they could!

So why is cleaning your turbine filters so important? Your turbine takes in air to help pressurize your spray tan applicator. Limited airflow to your applicator means that there will not be enough air pressure to push the solution out in that fine and consistent mist that we all love. If the airflow is weak, the spray can come out speckled or if it is disrupted your solution flow can cut in and out. Airflow to your spray gun can be disrupted at the hose, couplers or at the air intake sites on your turbine, which are covered by filters. Dirty filters, clogged up with spray tan, can often be the cause of the dreaded issue of your applicator spraying "speckled". Cleaning your filters regularly will help prevent spray tan build up in the motor and ensure consistent airflow to your applicator.

Cleaning is simple. First, locate and remove your turbine filters- there may be one or two. The location of your filter(s) varies by machine, so feel free to reach out if you need help locating yours. Rinse your filters thoroughly with warm water, then set them out to dry. Be sure that they are completely dry before putting them back into your machine. Keeping these filters clean and free from debris is vitally important to the life and function of your system, as well as the quality of your spray tans!

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