Spray Tan with CONFIDENCE!

At the beginning of my journey, I remember a phone conversation with my best friend about when we would be "ready" to take paying clients. We had both done SO MANY "practice" tans and neither of us had made a dime. Truth is, I never felt ready- I had to just dive in head first and trust the process! There will never be a perfect time to start or a magic number of tans before you are ready. You just have to DO IT and do it with confidence.

Confidence plays an important role in our performance as spray tan technicians. Lack of it can take a toll on our overall workmanship. The minute you show hesitation or uncertainty about any part of your client’s experience, they will begin to doubt your skill level and look for flaws or inconsistencies in your work.

How do you gain that confidence?

Invest in the education
Enrolling in spray tan training courses will help you formally learn more about the theory, process, the do’s & don'ts, and the way around in this industry. A spray tanning course sets your learning path right and prevents you from growing into some of the many misconceptions in spray tanning. Moreover, depending on where you get your course, you’ll get a chance to learn specific techniques in mastering the art of spray tanning used by experts.

Practice & Practice
Practice serves as your stairway to mastery, as the old saying says, “Practice makes perfect”. With practice, you can be oriented and exposed to problems you may encounter in the future with your clients. Practice gives you the confidence you need to validate yourself that you know what you are doing.

Engage with your clients
Conversations during the appointment will help clue you in to your client's needs and products that will truly help them to have the best results. LISTEN and take mental notes! Knowing what your client’s preferences are will help you confidently assess and recommend the best product that will perfectly match them.

Trust Yourself
Now that you have invested in the education, you have practiced and created a connection with your clients, then there is no reason for you to doubt yourself. You are now the expert and it’s your time to educate your clients and spray them with confidence!

Contact us to learn more about taking your clients with confidence as well as the fundamentals of spray tanning!

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