Spray tanning mature skin

As we age, our skin begins to produce less oil and becomes drier. Additionally, we produce less collagen and lose elasticity, resulting in sagging or crepey skin. There are several things that we can do to help ensure that clients with maturing skin have the best, flawless results. When selecting a solution, be sure to bear in mind the clients skin condition. If it is dry, as aging skin can commonly be, it may be important to select a solution that has added hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and Argan Oil, and it may be best to avoid solutions that contain denatured alcohol, which is know to be drying to the skin and damaging to the epidermis. The tan achieved from spray tanning is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs in the epidermis, which dehydrates the skin. Using a solution fortified with hydrating ingredients can help combat this reaction. The Black Magic Tan Argan range of solutions or Botanic Bronze Tan Imagine are great examples of solutions with skin loving and hydrating ingredients. If you need assistance navigating solution ingredients, please reach out to us!

As we are applying the tan, pay special attention to the joint areas of the body- like elbows, knees, wrists, fingers and even ankles. These areas tend to be drier and can absorb more solution which will result in darker areas, if over sprayed. Additionally, these areas may begin to lose elasticity and crevices can form in the skin. Ask your client to bend at the elbow and knee joints, to ensure that you are applying the solution evenly to these areas. It is also helpful to have a dense brush on hand for blending into the creases, if needed. When asking your client to bend at the knee, ask them to stand in a deep lunge or you can even bring in a stool and ask them to put their foot on the stool, so that they have a bent knee. For wrists, blend the underside of the wrists with a brush and for hands, ask your client to hold the hands in claw shape while lightly spraying. Another area to be mindful of creases is the neck. Ask your client to look up to the ceiling, if needed, and/or blend with a brush. The neck area, wrists and hands should always be sprayed very lightly, as these areas are naturally lighter than the rest of your body!

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