What to do when the pattern control knob is stuck on your Fuji M-Model or TAN7350

Did you know that you can clean the chamber surrounding your pattern control assembly? Particles of tanning solution can dry up over time in this chamber and ultimately lead to the knob seizing so that you are unable to turn it. DO NOT FORCE THE KNOB- we have replaced many pattern control assemblies that have been broken this way! Instead follow these steps, as recommended by Fuji Spray Sunless, to remove the pattern control assembly, inspect the pattern control chamber, clean and replace the assembly:

1. To remove the knob, the screw at the top of the gun will need to be removed using an Allen key. Make sure the screw is kept in a safe spot and not misplaced, as it will need to be re-inserted at the end. Once the screw is removed, the entire pattern control knob can be pulled out from the gun. A small flathead screwdriver may be required to gently pry the pattern control knob out of the gun body.

2. Once the knob is removed, clean the inner portion of the knob, and ensure that the inner walls of the pattern control chamber are clean of any dried material.

3. It is recommended that the inner portions of the knob (see image below) are lubricated by applying some white grease, Vaseline or similar lubricant prior to re-installing the pattern control assembly.

4. At this point, the pattern control assembly can be inserted back into the chamber and given a couple turns to spread the lubricant within the gun.

5. Lastly, the hole on the pattern control knob will need to be lined up with the hole on the top of the gun. The screw can now be re-inserted and tightened with the Allen key.

*Note, these are the instructions for the M-Model and TAN7350 Models only. For guidance on cleaning the pattern control chamber on your Fuji 4200 T-Pro, contact us at sales@thesunlessstore.com. We are always happy to help!

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