Apollo (USA orders only)

Apollo Sprayers, founded in 1966 is the Rolls Royce of HVLP machines. Apollo Sprayers is conveniently  located CA and keep close relationships with all solution manufactures to guarantee the Apollo machine to perform at a luxury level using a solution brand. With quality in mind, Apollo Sprayers began developing their sunless equipment in 2003. The Apollo sunless equipment caters to all technicians, whether they’re mobile or salon based, they have the machine for you!
  • Motors selected by Apollo Sprayers provide high efficiency and the most longevity
  • Mist Applicators are ergonomically engineered for technician’s comfort
  • Mist Applicators are specially designed to stay cool to the touch – a major plus during a long working day
  • Superfine mist for maximum customer comfort
  • All models are lightweight and portable
  • Attractive sleek styling
  • Customizable colors and packages to suit every salon
  • Precision designed Mist Applicators are simple to use, clean and maintain

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