Botanic Bronze Body Wash

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If anything will make you reminisce on your glory days, it's this. We are bringing back the nostalgic scent of your "Highschool Crush" with notes of citrus and caraway and a light musk-this body wash will keep your soul young and your skin fresh... without sacrificing your tan! Botanic Bronze Body wash is perfectly formulated with vitamins and botanicals, to be gentle on your sunless tan while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Featured Ingredients:

Dog Rose Fruit Extract that aids in hydration, moisturizing and helps with boosting collagen formation

Sandalwood Wood Extract helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone

Mango Extract is used to prevent drying of the skin, promote elasticity, and reduce the look of wrinkles.
Ginseng Root Extract helps with inflammation, elasticity, wrinkles, and boosts skin hydration
Size: 8 oz / 237 ml
Fragrance: Highschool Crush- A fresh and clean scent with notes of citrus, caraway and bamboo with a hint of light musk.