Fuji 4150 salonTAN T-PRO PLATINUM™ HVLP System Canada

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About This Product

The Quiet and reliable 4150 salonTAN™ system is the Quietest and most powerful on the market. This Turbine is powered by a 2-stage motor that is specially balanced for the spray tanning industry. Paired with the TAN4000 Non-bleeder applicator, an all-metal professional-grade applicator, the 4150 salonTAN™ will help you spray with confidence; allowing you to focus more on the success of your business.

The TAN7350 is a bleed style applicator. This professional-grade applicator features a metal body, stainless steel fluid components, adjustable spray pattern knob, and adjustable fluid control. Maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3. This popular model will help you achieve impeccable results each time.

  • salonTAN™ 2 Stage Motor
  •  10 ft Air Hose with quick connect
  • 4000 T-PRO Applicator with 3 oz Teflon Coated Gravity Cup 
  • Extra Intake Turbine Filter
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

Canadian Orders Only For This Product

Key Points to Remember

  • Top of the range spray tanning system
  • Turbine is the Quietest turbine on the market, runs at 56dba (below that of a regular conversation)
  • The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box™
  • All metal applicator with stainless steel fluid components
  • Adjustable spray pattern and fluid control knob
  • Applicator can still be used to blow-dry client
  • Turbine with washable/replaceable air filter and gun holder slot
  • Reset safety switch
  • Speed motor is set – no need to adjust the speed at the turbine, just aim and spray
  • 10ft lightweight, clear whip hose with black helix.
  • Hose also features a clear plastic bend restrictor at the turbine end
  • Quick Connect
  • User manual containing training on Spraying Techniques
  • Wrench and cleaning brush
  • 24 Month Warranty on complete system
  • All systems UL/CSA approved for cosmetic use

How to Prolong Your Spray Tanning System 

  1. Keep your Spray Gun Clean and Clean your filter on your machine. 
  2. Make sure that you do no allow the filter on the bottom of the system to become obstructed. 
  3. Avoid the hose to become twisted and tangled and avoid stepping on it.