Must-Have's for your Mobile Spray Tanning Business

One of the first major steps in starting your mobile spray tanning business is ordering supplies and equipment. However, with the wealth of information on the web it can be difficult to determine the basics of what you will need to get started. As a mobile business, it is important to ensure that your supplies are complete, lean, and organized to provide services to your clients at any place and in any situation. 

Of course the primary two things you need to be able to provide a service, or even to practice, are your spray tanning machine and tanning solutions. Aside from these, tanning technicians also need miscellaneous supplies essential in providing a top-notch mobile spray tanning experience. Here are our recommendations:

  1. Tent- this is a must-have. When spray tanning, a fine mist of solution can create an overspray in the air. Your tent will help contain the overspray, preventing it from accumulating in your client's home. We’ve got the XL tent all the technicians are raving about. Check it out here: . No need for the biggest tent, but need a quality, XL tent?: 
  2. Black towels- always have them on hand. Use one on the tent floor if you do not use sticky feet, and keep one handy for spills/drips.These on Amazon are perfect!: Place a towel at the entrance and a towel underneath you to protect your client's carpet/floor if your gun leaks!
  3. Carry Case- This is necessary to store all your supplies while keeping them organized. Something on wheels with pockets is great- think a small rolling suitcase! Check this out: 
  4. Disposables- includes items like sticky feet, disposable thongs or g-strings, disposable bra, hair caps, and gloves. These supplies serve as protection for you and your client from getting spray tan on areas that the tanning solution should not reach. Take a look at ours here:
  5. Extraction Fan- Another must-have, especially if you are tanning more than one client in the same space- maybe a cheer team or a bridal party. Extraction fans keep your tent and air cleaner by pulling the overspray away from you and your client and into a filter. Survey says, this one is the best in the market: .

Extra's worth considering:

  • Extension cords- may be needed if the tanning area is far from an outlet.
  • Extra lighting- may be kept in the car (reading lamp, ring light). Great ring light linked here:
  • Trash bag- to dispose of hair cap, sticky feet, etc. Be polite and take your trash!
  • Card reader- to be prepared for taking credit card payments.

Travel Tips: 

Solution- Traveling with a solution can be tricky, especially if you stock a variety of options. Consult with your client prior to their appointment. Get to know their skin tone, skin type, tanning goal, and tanning preferences. Then select the best option(s) and bring them to the appointment. Store solutions with ice packs if you live in a warm area or plan to leave your solution in the car.

Safety- Carry mace and be aware of your surroundings. If you arrive at a location and feel uncomfortable, do not go in. Trust your gut. Safety is a priority.

For a great equipment bundle with your basic start up essentials, check out our new limited-time bundle which includes: machine, tent, prep spray and solution samples for a discounted price and complimentary shipping!

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