Daily Cleaning for Your Spray Tan Equipment + Deep Cleaning Videos

To keep your spray tanning machine running at optimal performance, daily cleaning is important. Whether you are doing 3 tans or 30 per day, solution particles can build up and cause blockage if not properly and promptly removed from your applicator. Your spray tan gun relies on proper pressurization, smoothly moving parts and clean passage ways to provide the perfectly atomized spray. If even the tiniest piece of dried spray tan solution is causing blockage, the quality of your spray tans can be affected!

A common question we receive is “How often should I be cleaning my spray tan gun?” The answer: Every day you use it!! While a deep clean is not necessary every day, It is important that you clean your spray tan gun and turbine daily, to prevent build up. 

Follow this simple routine, that can be done at the end of each day:

  1. Remove the solution cup, empty and rinse. Turn the applicator upside down and place the tube under hot, running water. Depress the trigger so that the hot water flows through the solution tube and sprays out the solution nozzle. Adjust the solution flow knob to allow more water through the nozzle, if needed. Run hot water through the applicator until it runs clear. TIP: If you have an extraction backdrop (we highly recommend the SprayGon!) you can spray the warm water through the spray gun onto the backdrop, then wipe clean, and you have knocked out 2 cleaning duties at once! 
  2. After cleaning, be sure to dry your applicator. Do not set it out to air dry!! Leaving your applicator wet will result in corrosion and eventually parts of the applicator will seize. TIP: Disconnect your spray applicator and use your machine hose to blow dry the applicator. Be sure to blow air up the solution tube, to force and water out. Then connect the hose to the applicator with an empty solution cup, then depress the trigger to force air through and clear out any water.
  3. Clean the turbine. Wipe down the exterior (and also include the hose) to remove overspray. 
  4. Remove the turbine filters, rinse them with warm water and set them out to air dry. Do not replace the filters until they are completely dry!

    In addition to your daily cleaning, deep cleaning is necessary for your spray tan applicator to keep it performing optimally. Additionally, you should use this time to inspect your applicator and replace any worn parts. The frequency of your deep cleaning depends on the volume of spray tans you provide. Our salon sees a high volume of spray tans each week, so we deep clean and inspect our spray tan applicators weekly to ensure that each one is in perfect working condition.

    Use these video links to view step by step deep cleaning instructions:

    Apollo Sprayers:

    T6000 Deep Clean

    T5020 Deep Clean

    Fuji Spray Sunless:

    Applicator Cleaning Video

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