Mighty-Mist® Spray Tan System (T-6000 Applicator)

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About This Product

The Mighty-Mist® is ideal for a salon setting or a mobile tanning business. The high performance HVLP turbo system is designed to accommodate a large volume of clients, at a suggested 50 tans per day, and is the first of its kind to incorporate a Quiet Technology (QT) Noise Reducing system. The Mighty-Mist® case is designed to absorb unnecessary noise and quietly disperses the sound through its strategically placed filters. It operates at 76 decibels, making it almost as quiet as a conversation and much quieter than the average food blender (90 dba) or hair dryer (85 dba). The case design, with matte black finish and black micro-foam filters for easy maintenance, includes a built-in docking station to safely hold and store your mist applicator when not in use. A key component of the Mighty-Mist® is the advanced Variable Speed Control technology which makes contouring a breeze. The variable speed control allows you to adjust the volume of air pushed through your applicator and easily shift from low to high pressure for different spray techniques or technician preference!

The Mighty-Mist® System Includes:

      • T6000 Mist Applicator
        • 8oz (250cc) bottom fed cup for multiple tanning session
        • No “O” rings for easy cleanup
        • Lightweight composite design for less operator fatigue
        • Exclusive nozzle design for maximum atomization and minimal overspray
        • 3 adjustable fan patterns (vertical, horizontal and round) for optimum coverage
      • 14’ Ultra -Flex™ Hose
        • Smaller diameter for reduced operator fatigue
        • Quick-connect alloy hose ends
      • 2-Year Limited Warranty